Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SwingSet2 on JNode

This is the SwingSet2 demo running on JNode with the integrated Swing implementation of OpenJDK. Currently the JNode desktop is based on the Swing JDesktopPane and the JFrame peer is based on JInternalFrame. Therefor SwingSet2 is running on a purely Swing based desktop. More work is needed on the Swing based AWT peers and better Java2D support but I will commit the code soon which makes the above demo possible.

It looks like we can anticipate a really interesting JNode release this summer. : -)


Albert Strasheim said...

Very cool. Swing support in JNode becomes even more interesting if someone could finish SWTSwing and Eclipse on Swing.

Levente Sántha said...

That's right. I'm watching those projects and I want to try SWTSwing on JNode in the future (if none else does it till then). Both projects get a very special, unique role in the context of JNode.